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New radio talk show on Autism Radio AM 1100 on the dial begins 6/9/08

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Announcing a New Radio Talk Show on Autism
Hosted by Jackie Marquette Ph.D.
Specialist in Autism and Life Transitions
author, consultant, researcher, parent

Promoting Quality of Life and Creating Tangible Outcomes for All Teens and Young Adults with Autism and Related Disabilities

Where to Listen:
KFNX News-Talk Radio AM 1100 on the dial, Phoenix, AZ

Mondays 9-10 PM, First show June 9, Pacific Time, or Listen via Internet Streaming, or download, or play back when posted to my web site.

What is the Program About?
Remarkably Able Radio Talk Show is designed to provide awareness and real options that are based upon best practices to deliver quality of life for people with ASD and their families. A national crisis currently exists because of limited resources that disenable individuals with ASD from adolescence into adulthood. Families are uncertain about how to help their teen or young adult. People with autism have potential and strengths that make them remarkably able in many ways. Putting together the pieces to create life opportunities begins with establishing traditional and broad innovative supports that opens opportunities for education, employment, leisure, peer relationships and community membership.

Why this topic?
There are reliable treatments, therapy, and educational strategies that are available for children with ASD. Every child with autism grows up. As youth enter their teens and then adult years, these strategies must be integrated into a much wider framework of traditional and broad innovative supports. This work remains undone. These comprehensive supports can enhance individual capability levels across all life domains are revealed in my research findings.

What is the focus?
Some topics include: emotional, social, educational, vocational, medical, alternative options, political and spiritual. Interviews with leading experts in the field will be conducted as well as interviews with people who have ASD and their families. Effective tools, collaboration strategies, and practical everyday solutions are discussed to help dissolve the barriers and deliver to youth community participation, inclusion, and personal growth. Finally, the ultimate goal is to offer hope for a better life to individuals with ASD of all ages and their families.