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Autism Society of Greater Phoenix Meeting — 1/25

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Our monthly support meeting for January will be held on Tuesday, January 25th at 7pm at Coco’s restaurant at Paradise Valley Mall.

Announcing a new format to our meetings:

6-7pm – Come and meet with the Parent Mentors and Kim Yamamoto, and educational advocate (This is for parents with a newly diagnosed child, questions about school, DDD/ALTCS, insurance, etc.) We would love to help you out!

7-8:30pm – Our annual meeting begins, election of board of directors, and guest speaker

This month our guest speaker will be Dr. Jarrar. a Neurologist from PCH. She will be speaking on Autism and seizures.

We invite everyone to come out and learn about how common seizures may be occurring in those with Autism.

Jane from Eco-life is also back in town with supplements to purchase/order, so be sure to come and sign up for this great discounted supplement resource!

ASA-GPC & ROK Support Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Coco’s at Paradise Valley Mall.