How to post & FAQs

How to register and change password?
First time users need to register before logging in.
1. Select Login from the lower half of the right-hand side menu and then select Register.
2. Enter a userid and email address. A password will immediately be mailed to that email address.
3. Now login using that password and the userid (entered in item #2).
4. Select Profile from the main menu and update your password to something that will be easy to remember. You may also complete any of the other fields.
5. Sign Out (top right-hand corner) and log back in with new password.

How to write/create a new post?
1. Select Login from the lower half of the right-hand side menu and login to the blog.
2. Select Write from the top menu.
3. Enter your text in the Title and Post text boxes and select from Categories (right-hand side) the month you want to post it to.
Note: Selecting the appropriate category is important so that it is posted to the correct month.
4. You can publish the post by clicking Publish.
5. Below the top menu, select View site to view your post. In case of a problem use the browser back button to go back. Then from ther top menu select Manage. A list of posts will be displayed. Select the Edit column for your post to edit.

What happens to my post after it is published?
Your post will appear in 2 places. One is at the top section of the main blog page and another inside the “month” page that you selected before clicking Publish. The “month” pages are listed on the right-hand side under Categories.

How do I place a link in my post?
1. When in the blog editor, highlight the text which will become your linked text and click the link button (looks like a piece of chain link and found in the formatting menu above your text).
2. Complete the fields:
Linked URL: (The url of the site you are linking to, please start it with http://)
Target: (Will the link open in a new window or the current one)
Title: (The title will show at the top of the linked page in the title bar.)
3. Click Insert
4. The link is now created. You can click save or publish to save or publish the changes.

How do I delete a post?
1. Login to the blog.
2. Click Manage.
3. Click delete next to the post that you want to delete.

Why don’t I see my post?
When you are done writing a post for your blog you must select Publish. If you only Save the post, it will not be available on the blog online.

How to

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